A place where one is needed,
wanted, and expected.

Group Picture 6-13
Frontier House, established in 1990, follows the Clubhouse Model of Psychosocial Rehabilitation first established in New York City’s Fountain House over 60 years ago. Considered a model program in Colorado, Frontier House graphically illustrates the commitment and belief that individuals with mental illness can and will actively engage in a recovery process given the opportunity to do so.

Core Principals and Basic
Components of Frontier House

  • Members (program participants) work side-by-side with staff and peers in running the daily operations of Frontier  House.
  • Members engage in work of the program such as preparing lunch, accounting and bookkeeping, fundraising, public relations, receptionist, custodial duties, and so MUCH more.
  • Members volunteer to participate, as they feel ready and according to their individual interests.
  • Members and staff meet in open forums to discuss policy issues and future planning for the Clubhouse.
  • Members have the opportunity to return to paid employment in typical work settings with varying levels of support. Employment options may vary from Transitional employment to options offering more permanency, such as Supported or Independent Employment.