About Us


Frontier Clubhouse StaffFrontier House, established in 1990, follows the Clubhouse Model of Psychosocial Rehabilitation first established in New York City’s Fountain House over 60 years ago. Considered a model program in Colorado, Frontier House graphically illustrates commitment and belief that individuals with mental illness can and will actively engage in a recovery process. Clubhouses, like Frontier House, help individuals get back to work, regain their self worth, find safe and affordable housing, improve their education level, and experience mutually respectful relationships.

The success of Clubhouse is attributed to the holistic and normalizing approach to rehabilitation and treatment. The Clubhouse Model has since been duplicated on an international level with over 320 programs worldwide located in 29 different countries. Clubhouse International evaluates Clubhouses and provides accreditation for those that meet Clubhouse standards.

A Clubhouse International accredited program, Frontier House was the first program of its kind to be established in the state of Colorado and is a founding member of the Colorado Clubhouse Association.

Philosophy and Goals of Frontier House:

We believe that individuals with a mental illness should have the opportunity to lead fulfilling lives, that they are capable of contributing to their community and that they should have the opportunity to do so.

The goal of Frontier House is threefold. First, it is intended to be a place where people can gain self-confidence. This is achieved by providing members with an opportunity to work together with staff in running the Clubhouse in an activity known as the “Work Ordered Day”. Secondly, members are encouraged to identify and pursue personal goals to improve quality of life. Thirdly, each person in the Clubhouse is made to feel that they are wanted, needed, and expected.

For more information on the Clubhouse Model visit www.iccd.org