Work gives us meaning and purpose to our lives. For people living with mental illnesses, it can be difficult to find and keep a job. As a right of membership, Clubhouses provide members with opportunities to return to paid employment in integrated work settings through Transitional Employment, Supported Employment, and Independent Employment programs. Our program is designed to help people transition from the Clubhouse work setting to employment in the community. The Clubhouse provides job referrals and resources rather than job placements directly. We strive to help every person who wants a chance to work at a real job.

Frontier House provides:

  • Instruction in resume preparation
  • Interview training
  • General assistance with job searches
  • Employment workshops
  • Job Development
  • Resource referrals for job placement services
  • On-the-job training and supports
  • Ongoing follow-up for both the employee and the employer
  • Annual Employment Recognition Banquet for any amount of work by members

Through a network of supporters and businesses in the Greeley community, Frontier House continually seeks new opportunities to help members find employment.

Transitional Employment (TE)

Part time entry-level positions for any clubhouse member expressing interest in returning to work. The Clubhouse develops a long term relationship with an employer. Employers agree to hire a Clubhouse member as regular a employee. Clubhouse members are selected and trained by Clubhouse placement managers. Training continues until employer, member and placement manager are confident the job can be performed without job coaching. Members work on the employment position for a six to nine month period. Site visits occur regularly (weekly to monthly), with both the Clubhouse member and the employment supervisor. The Clubhouse guarantees coverage when the member needs to be absent from a shift. Clubhouse members can access an unlimited number of positions, but not repeat the same position consecutively.

Supported Employment (SE)

Support to any individual in the time unlimited, part-time or full-time work. Positions are competitive within the works force of the member’s choice. Supports include: job development and placement services, advocacy, job coaching, disability education to the employer (including employment incentives), vocational counseling accommodations planning, and post-employment support. Job searches being at any point the individual expresses interest in gaining employment. Referral to the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation for individuals in need of intensive support is offered.

Independent Employment (IE)

Support to individuals prepared to find or enhance current employment independently. The Clubhouse offers job seeking on computers, provides job leads from Clubhouse resources, resume development and critiques, practicing interviewing skills, benefits planning, and advocacy at level or need of the individual. IE is also considered to those individuals that have held and maintained employment for one or more years without supported employment services. Reach out to individuals for support is offered regularly.