Wellness Program

Exercise Equipment

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Frontier House believes that overall wellness is important to one’s mental health. Poor preventive health care is an epidemic among those with serious mental illness, resulting in a life expectancy 25 years shorter than the national average. We support our members with establishing healthier life styles through nutrition and exercise. Our Clubhouse has a Wellness Center complete with exercise equipment and resources to encourage members in leading healthy lifestyles that includes a program of regular exercise. We have monthly wellness groups scheduled every third Tuesday (except holidays) discussing exercise, nutrition, and well being topics such as smoking cessation.
Also, each week we have exercises planned on Tuesdays(Exercise Experience) and Thursdays(Fun Fitness). Both sessions begin at 3PM. Included here are weight lifting, exercise ball, treadmill, stair stepper, biking, circuit training, and walking.

Frontier House also has a Snack Bar which is geared towards healthier eating. Members can choose from a variety of nutritious drinks and refreshments. We also serve a nutritious lunch Monday through Friday.