The Work Ordered Day

The Work Ordered Day, a building block of the Clubhouse philosophy, means that each day is structured to mirror the expectations and relationships of a workplace – preparing members that much more for future employment.

Members come to the Clubhouse because they have discovered they can be truly helpful to the Clubhouse and to one another. During the Work Ordered Day, members spend their time working side-by-side with staff, contributing to the overall functioning of the program in such tasks as answering the telephone, typing, printing, and collating the newsletter, preparing, computer media, serving, and cleaning up daily lunches, housekeeping and environmental/yard work, and involvement in the decision making that affects the Clubhouse. The purpose of the Work Ordered Day is to provide members with real work which enables them to prepare for community employment. Even though the work is voluntary, it is important work that keeps the Clubhouse going and provides a work setting where members can learn valuable skills.

Activities of the Work Ordered Day are organized and coordinated by work units. When new members join the Clubhouse, they have the opportunity to join one of two work units, Kitchen Unit and Clerical Unit. Each work unit meets twice, Monday through Friday. The purpose of the unit meeting is to come together as colleagues to plan the tasks the work unit will be involved with throughout the day. Being engaged in a work unit is an effective way for members to establish supportive and inspiring relationships with others, to become involved in meaningful work activity, to receive assistance with meeting one’s needs, to work towards goals such as going to work or school.

Clerical Unit

The Clerical Unit handles a wide variety of administrative duties. These include: receptionist, daily attendance logs, data keeping, accounting and banking, weekly newsletter, data entry and reports. The CU also is comprised of our orientation team who welcomes new members to our Clubhouse. And the media area for creating a weekly clubcast video, digital photography, and website updates.

Education and Employment Opportunities

All units handle the tracking of members who are working or going to school, plans and organizes employment suppers and employment espresso meetings, tracks all job development contacts, maintains the contract with Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, writes articles for the employment and education page of the monthly newsletter, creates partnerships with local colleges and universities, holds employment-related workshops, and contacts potential employers.

Kitchen Unit

The Kitchen Unit is responsible for the following aspects of the Clubhouse: menu planning, grocery shopping, coordinating the Snack Bar, monthly newsletter, and preparing lunch.


The SEEK (Supported Employment and Education Korner) area is meant for one-on-one or small group work with the Employment Specialist and/or the DVR counselor.  There are three total computer stations which can be used for employment and education seeking, as well as other needs.  It is a slightly quieter “korner” of the building, which allows for a little more uninterrupted focus.







Conference Room

The Conference Room is used to hold meetings, socializing, and has the daily needs board posted.

Conference Room