How To Join

Group Picture 6-13Membership is on a voluntary basis and there are no time limitations. The only criteria is that the potential member has a serious, persistent mental illness. These are typically: Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, Depression, and Anxiety.

Potential members must be referred by a medical professional, preferably one whose discipline is Mental Health (Psychiatrists, Social Workers, and Psychologists). We will need a copy of your mental health diagnoses, and other pertinent history. Potential members are asked to come in for a tour to experience Frontier House first-hand, and are scheduled for an orientation session.

To make a referral, or receive additional information, please call (970) 347-2128, and ask to speak with staff in the Clerical Unit. The referral form can also be accessed by clicking here to download (Word format) or download the PDF Frontier House Referral Packet.

Becoming a Member
Once our members participate in a short orientation, they can begin to utilize our vast resources. Orientation is scheduled after the referral. The orientation lasts approximately 2 days. The orientation includes a tour, presentation about various opportunities the Clubhouse offers, a complimentary lunch, and observation of a unit meeting.

Benefits of Membership

  • Recovery and Wellness focused programming
  • Community support services including: housing assistance, referrals, and securing and maintaining public benefits
  • Skill development through volunteer participation in daily work activities
  • Access to leisure activities leading to positive social interactions and relationships
  • Become involved in local, state, national and international organizations
  • Assistance in pursuing an education or vocational goal through various services